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Android Boot Manager

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Android Boot Manager is a new dualboot tool for Android. There were many of them before, such as: EFIDroid, MultiROM, Dualboot Patcher, etc. Usually they reflashed boot dynamically for dualbooting. Some of them used one big hack like MultiROM’s kexec-hardboot.

How does ABM work?

It uses an App for Android to manage & install ABM and ROMs. It also needs a bootloader, we call ours DroidBoot. We have 3 variants:

1st-stage bootloader (lk, systemd-boot or UEFI app)

This is the best solution because it does booting exactly where it’s supposed to be done: in the Bootloader. This solution, however, also requires the most porting work as it needs to be rewritten for each device individually.

2nd-stage bootloader (lk2nd)

This is a good solution:

But it has a few disadvantages:

The no bootloader workaround ramdisk (no-bootloader-workaround-rd)

This is the worst solution:

Though it also has a few advantages:

How can I use it?

Currently, only the Volla Phone is ready to use.

You might want to join our group on Telegram.

Technical information is available on our wiki.

How can I port it?

Currently, your best bet is our Telegram group.

Current status

This project is in the beta status. All devices except the Volla Phone are in the pre-alpha status.